Catcher in the Rye


Seems like the ones who have the

The Boeskool


There continues to be an unacceptable level of school suspensions and expulsions. Over the past few years, there were more than 13,000 suspensions and 145 expulsions in our country. Most of these students are vulnerable and come from low-class families. Many times, these punishments are not effective. They would lead to numerous rebellions towards teachers, vandalism, and etc. What teachers should do to try and resolve this situation is that they should develop and apply a positive approach that prevents tension and provide support for students with more serious mental health.





I remember my teacher talking about Leukemia back in elementary school. We were reading an article about this treacherous disease in a Weakly Reader. At the time, I didn’t know what Leukemia was. Even after reading the article, I was still clueless. It was not until my 7th grade year where I encountered this topic again. By then, I was slightly more mature and have more intellect. I finally understood what this disease was and I was shocked to find out how many people were diagnosed with it. Today, Leukemia is still an issue that we must not set aside. There are an estimated 350,000 people living with this dreadful disease. We must act now and try to find a cure to Leukemia.


Asian Drinking Culture


Growing up, I lived with my family and my aunt and uncle. Once every two weeks, my uncle would throw parties. Usually there would be a lot of Vietnamese drinking foods such as crab, grilled pork, grilled shrimp, fish sauce chicken wings, and etc. That’s only the good part of having parties. The bad part was about the drinking. Every time there was a party, my uncles and my father would drink. It’s not like a bottle. No they drink a lot, especially my two youngest uncles. Both of them had a background of alcohol abuse. Every single time we have a party, there would be conflict and argument due to each individual’s excessive drinking. Til this day, my family haven’t gone to these parties because we know what the outcome would be.



People, Shadow, Dark, Night, Smoke, Black And White



Deep in the shadows

Darkness tries to take over

You are not alone


Youth Day


For the past few years, I participated with my youth group at an event in Anaheim called Youth Day. If you don’t know what Youth Day is, it is an annual Catholic retreat for high school students.Youth Day is the first day of the Religious Education Congress that is held annually on Thursday. More than 14,000 adolescents attend at this rally to connect with one another and the religion. You hear great speeches from adults about their journey with God during their workshops. Also you gather with hundreds of teenagers in the arena to jam out with the performance. To me personally, it was a remarkable experience because I get to spend time with my youth group and meet new people at the convention. I also got to learn more about what it meant to be a Catholic.



China, Beijing, Forbidden City



As a child, I had always loved to travel. I would to countries like France, Italy, and Vietnam. However, there is one country in Asia that I would love to go to. That country is China. Growing up I heard many stories from my cousin about his adventures. Out of all of his stories, his Great Wall of China adventures we my favorite. He told me that the Great Wall would stretch on for miles and if you were on it, you would get to a beautiful view of the countryside of China. Ever since that day, I was eager to visit China. Someday in the future, I will make this dream come true.



Forgive, Forgive Each Other, Forgiveness


Broken promises
Painful words said in outrage
Love forgiveness joy


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